the right flooring for the pool house

the right flooring for the pool house

It is important to select the right flooring for the pool house or the home’s entry and the rooms used to accommodate pool party guests.

Having a pool or hot tub in the backyard is fun for the whole family. And friends. And distant relations. It is suddenly a very popular place for everyone to gather. As much as you enjoy seeing everyone, the floors inside your home can really take a beating. Consider the extra foot traffic and the chemicals used to keep the water clean.

There are several things to consider when selecting flooring for a room or entryway near a pool or hot tub. Safety is a priority. Wet feet can slip easily on smooth, wet surfaces. This is also a high traffic area, so a durable, low maintenance floor is best. Finally, consider the overall budget and cost of materials and installation.

Cork Floors

Cork is an antimicrobial flooring solution that performs well around water. Cork is an environmentally sustainable material and is becoming more popular as a flooring option. Water can be whisked away from the surface quite easily, and it has a texture that makes it a safe option.

Non-Slip Carpet

There are synthetic carpeting options that are waterproof and inexpensive. Look for newer options that are easy to install. There are more options than just bright green astroturf. National manufacturers offer a variety of textures and designs. Many are economical. This makes non-slip carpet the right choice for the pool house.

Ceramic and Stone Tile

If it can be used in the bathroom and kitchen, it can be used for areas near pools and water features. Even when wet, the grout lines provide traction underfoot to avoid slips and falls. Natural stone floors are beautiful. They have the added benefit of bringing nature indoors. This is often a more expensive option, but there are a variety of designs and colors to choose at a variety of price points.

Teak Wood Floors

There are not many hardwood floors that should be installed around or near areas adjacent to the pool. Water damages wooden flooring. One exception is teak wood flooring. Teak is often used for decking and outdoor floors because it handles moisture well. This is a more expensive option, but teak floors require little maintenance and are long lasting.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Flooring for the Pool House

When making a decision about the right flooring for the pool house and surrounding area, working with a specialist can help make the process easier. Affordable Carpet and Flooring will bring the selections to your home so that you can schedule a professional consultation and see your options in the space you plan to update.

Affordable Carpet and Flooring specializes in bringing the showroom and 50+ years of expertise to homeowners throughout Northern Virginia. We also work with builders, property managers, and real estate agents to quickly install, replace or repair flooring in an efficient and cost-effective manner.