Laminate Flooring for Maryland, Virginia, & D.C. Clients

Today’s laminate manufacturers use the latest innovations in high technology to duplicate the warmth and beauty of natural wood and stone while at the same time offering durability against wear, stains, and fading. These affordable laminates are a great alternative to their more costly natural counterparts. Laminate flooring has a layered construction and is comprised of four layers. The Wear layer is an easy-to-clean surface that contains aluminum oxide which protects the floor from stains, fading, and wear. The Image Design layer is a photographic image of wood, stone, or virtually anything you can imagine. This is followed by the Inner Core layer, which provides the floor’s structural strength and stability. It is made from high-density fiberboard. Finally, the Backing layer creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping and is made with resin-saturated paper.

Laminate Sales & Installation

The quality of the design and embossing figure prominently in the price of laminate. Trust your eyes to choose a laminate that looks and feels realistic. Affordable Carpet and Flooring carries a wide selection of some of the most innovative laminate products. Installation is normally just a few days, and your home will have a brand new, durable, beautiful floor. We bring samples to your home, and we offer a lifetime labor guarantee.

Armstrong offers great looks at affordable prices. It’s also durable, which makes it a great alternative for rooms where kids and pets live and play. Our laminate floors are made to stand up to high traffic and high impact. And laminate is versatile too – it can be installed in any room in your home, wherever you want the beauty of hardwood, stone, or tile without the cost and maintenance.

For realistic looks and long-lasting durability at affordable prices, you can’t miss with Bruce laminate flooring. Bruce laminate brings you countless options for any room in your home. You can replicate the look of exotic woods such as Brazilian Cherry, Antique Hickory, and Black Forest, or stay more traditional with Natural Maple, Honey Oak, or Royal Beech. Whatever your preference, Bruce laminates are a solid affordable choice.

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