High-Quality Luxury Vinyl for Maryland, Virginia, & D.C. Clients

Affordable Carpet & Flooring provides customers with premium options for luxury vinyl. We serve Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. expertly and can install new flooring quickly and correctly. We have helped countless families and businesses since 2003 and have built a sterling reputation along the way. Our owner, David Reading, has been in the residential and commercial carpeting and flooring industry since 1989 and has seen it undergo numerous changes. Today, luxury flooring is all the rage. We can help you install this attractive and durable flooring option in your home or business today.

The Alluring Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

There is no shortage of options available to property owners these days. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is among the best. There are many reasons why countless customers have opted for this material and enjoyed the benefits for years. The advantages of vinyl plank flooring include:

Your new vinyl floors will easily last a decade. They do not easily chip, crack, tear, or suffer other damage, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. Their durability makes them ideal for families with pets or young children.

Our manufacturing partners have developed innovative approaches to luxury flooring to prevent unsightly scratches. All vinyl plank floors include a wear layer between the urethane finish and the printed design, making them scratchproof.

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Despite all the benefits of luxury flooring, it is affordable. If you need new floors as part of a remodeling project, you can expect our product to fit your budget easily. The installation process is easy, helping to keep costs down.

There are seemingly endless aesthetic options available to you when choosing vinyl plank flooring. For instance, you can achieve stone, ceramic, and hardwood looks. The process is so sophisticated that the floors will look hyper-realistic.

Low Maintenance
You don’t have to do much to maintain vinyl floors. Because they don't stain, chip, or scratch, you only have to keep them clean with simple sweeping and mopping. You don't need specialized cleaners or tools, either.

Easy Installation
The harder it is to install a floor, the more expensive professional installation. Because of how easy it is to install, vinyl will be cheap. We can install it over existing floors if the surface is smooth and clean.

High-Quality Flooring Without Breaking the Bank

We prioritize convenience by bringing our showroom to you. And because we use state-of-the-art technology during the measuring process, we can promise quicker ordering and installation phases. Most importantly, we deliver on our promise of exceptional product quality and an impressive inventory. Don’t break the bank on your next home improvement project. Place your trust in Affordable Carpet and Flooring.